I own the revenue function of Sokrati’s SMB line of business and just like any business owner, sales to me needs to be super efficient. Over the years I have realized the one thing that any sales person hates is, doing an entry in the CRM so that his/her “boss” is aware of what is going on. Firstly they run around trying to meet the revenue targets and then they are asked to sit and fill in all the information into the CRM. It is indeed brutal of us!

But least do they know that the reason I enforce this, is for their benefit and eventually it benefits the company as well. Lead classification and subsequently the warmth provide:

  1. What are my high-value leads and
  2. How soon will I close them

And while the sales realizes this is important, the manual element of CRM is indeed a chore. When explained the following to sales and providing for a way to do it, it had shown wonders in the sales process.

Tag your leads

Ask your sales to use their immediate mode of communication to tag instead of worrying about the CRM. Every lead after the email or call has to be tagged into “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”.

  • If most of your leads are coming on emails you can either classify them using labels (in gmail) or create folders.
  • On smart phones for every contact you can add tag as a note and on Android you can add custom fields as well.

This will immediately help in differentiating the leads. Once a week the sales team can update their CRM.

Adding warmth to your leads

Warmth can be done by assigning a probability of conversion into “Cold”, “Warm” and “Hot”. Ask your sales team to add this indicator after the email or call. Can easily be done using tags on emails and notes/tags on phones.

Ask your sales team to speak to “Cold” leads atleast once in a month, “Warm” leads atleast twice a month and “Hot” leads atleast once in a week. It is a general rule the more you speak to a lead the more are the chances of the conversion.

And soon your conversions will start happening at a predictable rate 🙂

Happy Selling To You!

ads_icon-1474463662How Chuknu Can Help!

Tag your leads
As soon as a lead is detected Chuknu asks to classify the value of the lead into

Lead Categorization

Automatically add warmth to each lead
Chuknu’s patent-pending algorithm automatically adds warmth to the lead. If you are communicating with the lead more often, then the lead automatically turns hot. And if a hot lead is turning cold then Chuknu reminds you to “get in touch” with the lead.

Warmth of Leads