…if you do not convert your website leads.

Website leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. (Source: searchenginejournal.com)

So, if your website is generating leads, but not actual business for your company. And you feel like your web leads are useless, before you go throwing more money into your website or marketing campaigns make sure to take a look at your web lead management process first.

In this article we are going to help you start tracking & analyzing those hard-earned web leads by sharing some actionable tips to optimize your web lead management process.

1. Place a traceable call to action aka CTA
It’s tempting to spray and pray, but really not worth it. You should be aware about what is working for you & what not, how many leads are coming from website & how many are from other sources. CTA is a door for leads to enter into the system. Lead management begins from here only. Each of your CTA should be appealing & traceable. Take example of “Capibar”, Sokrati’s patented application,  that we use for all of our clients. It consists of 2 simple CTAs i.e. “Call Now” & “Write to us!” and all the leads coming through it are tracked & reflected in Sokrati’s customer dashboard (DSRT), which help Analysts big time to improve website performance & lead conversions.
If you are not a Sokrati customer, don’t worry, there is a hack. 😉

2. Track & Analyse your website leads
The hack which I was talking about is Chuknu Lead Management App. Install Chuknu on the device with the same contact number that you mentioned on your website (make sure visitors are able to find your contact number easily). Chuknu will automatically detect & tag the sources of your leads, be it from justdial, sulekha, google or from your Website. Next you need to identify is which medium is working best for you & where to put more money.

3. Score the Leads

Once you have tracked down the leads, start categorizing them as small, medium & large. This will help you in managing them better & following up in a better way…eventually more conversions. (Read: Why should you do Lead Prioritization & Lead Scoring – by Santosh Gannavarapu)

Further, you can calculate your conversion rate like so…

Conversion Rate = Total Number of Sales / Number of Leads * 100

Aim to make this figure more than 14.6% and you are good. 🙂