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Today we are super proud to announce an amazing new version of Chuknu. We had taken all the feedback from our users and have created a version that provides a seamless experience while managing your leads. I am super proud of my team who have worked day and night on this release. Chuknu is now better than ever & is ready to rock your sales.

Introducing Lead Timeline

Now you can get a complete view of the entire interaction with the lead in ‘Lead Timeline’. It gives you an easy way to rediscover the communication you had, and collect your most important notes. Timeline will ensure that you don’t forget anything and it also helps you to stay organized and focused. This makes it a great way to ensure your leads stay hooked.

Multiple Notes & Attachments

We understand how important keeping notes is when it comes to close a lead. You want to keep track of what you proposed in last sales call or what should be pitched in the next.

Lead Timeline

With this release you will be able to add multiple notes in timeline itself without deleting the previous one. Wait, what if I want to delete a note? Well you can do so by long pressing on it in the timeline. Exciting no?
Not only that, timeline also lets you attach items to it, like the invoice generated or the photo taken in last seminar. To do so, all you need to do is click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom & attach the item.

Richer Lead Details

Lead Details now has more fields, now you can store email address, website, company name, address of a lead along with phone number.


Looking for someone who can remind you about a task like an assistant? ‘Chuknu hai na!‘ (Chuknu is here!). You can now add reminders for yourself that show up right in your phone. You can set it from timeline itself as shown in gif here. This will help you get things done by including relevant info like phone numbers and links. Also, you can see these reminders synced up with your google calendar too.

How to Set Reminder

How to Set Reminder

Task Rescheduling

In a meeting right now? Or you don’t think it’s a correct time to complete a task created by Chuknu. Reschedule it. When you click ‘Later’, Chuknu will ask you, when?

  • Tomorrow – The Task will again come up next morning right at 10:00 Am
  • Next Week – The Task will be postponed to 7 days
  • Remind on specific time – You can schedule it for the time that suits you best. As easy as setting up a reminder.

Biz Tip: Don’t be lazy, complete your tasks on time, use this feature only when you really need to.

Converted a Lead? Hook it up!

You can now mark the lead converted by simply clicking on ‘Hook Icon’ given at top-right corner of lead timeline. A hooked lead will reside in your lead-log only, with you still able to add notes or attachments to it. If you wish to delete any lead, you can just swipe it left as always.  How will it help you? Well the answer is…


Now you can filter your leads by their warmth (Hot, Warm, Cold), their value (Large, Medium, Small), their state i.e ‘Converted’ or ‘Not Converted’ & their sources too. This way finding a set of leads among hundreds is now a piece of cake. For example- I wanted to see the hot leads driven by Google Ads which are very big & still not converted. So, I tapped on the ‘filter’ icon on the top of lead log, clicked on ‘Hot’, then selected the ‘Whale’ & tapped on ‘Not Converted’ option. Further, I scrolled down to select Google leads. On applying these filters I can see all the leads I was looking for.

Search Anything

Looking for Aditya? Type Adi, looking for all the leads from Sulekha? Type Sulekha. Looking for anything, just type the keyword in search bar & you will get it.

Not only that, if you are looking for a file (pdf/jpg/doc etc) that you shared with a lead or a note that you added somewhere, just type in the keyword & results will be in front of you.

Give the new Chuknu a try, I am sure you will love it. Also, please don’t forget to leave your reviews & comments on play store, it help us make the product better.
Wish you a very happy new year 🙂

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