75% of businesses in India describe marketing as their biggest challenge. With the increasing schemes by the government about funds and ease in procurement of loans, starting a business doesn’t seem to be as much a problem anymore. Now the number 75% is staggering and this could probably be one of the reasons for failure to grow.

The challenges of marketing are many fold, while it is easier to advertise and promote door to door active in the local neighborhood, it begs to question how does a business grow beyond. How should a business provide for a scalable and sustainable marketing strategy? The success of an effective marketing strategy is defined by the revenues generated. Any business should not be incurring a marketing expense more than 4% of revenues generated. And this is exactly the metric that every business should track. And one such scalable form of marketing is Online Marketing.

At Sokrati we are overjoyed to hear success stories of businesses that do Online Marketing through us and one quote I read in the past is etched in my head. “When you help a Small business grow, you are helping the owner send his kids to school”. It is such a powerful saying and we take pride in helping such a cause.


Install Chuknu and start your journey of Online Marketing. We will try our best to make your business grow.