I always believe that there is no lead that is ever “lost”.

It took you pain staking efforts to get a prospect to connect with you. You may have run online campaigns, may have created brochures and distributed flyers, may have run ads in newspapers. And over time have accrued prospects. But you lost the lead because he/she either lost interest or chose a competing offer or you took a little longer to contact the lead. But no lead is ever lost and it is also okay if the lead has turned cold. And this is the basic golden rule of “Lead Nurturing”. 

So you may wonder why these “lost” or “cold” leads are of any interest. And here comes the next golden rule of “lead nurturing”, always stay on top of mind of the lead. If you stay on top of their minds:

  • they may come back to you when they are ready
  • they may not like the service or product provided by the competing offer that they chose
  • they may refer you to a friend or a relative who is looking for you right now

 Lead nurturing is not at all as complicated as the word literally sounds:

  1. First step into lead nurturing is to identify your “hot”, “warm” and “cold” leads. You may refer to my previous blog regarding how to organize your leads . This will help you rank order your nurturing efforts.
  2. Communicate with your “hot” leads every week, communicate with your “warm” leads at least once in 2 weeks and with your “cold” or “lost” leads at least once a month. You can create groups of these leads on email or Whatsapp. 
  3. In addition to calling them, you could send a non-intrusive message in the form of an email or SMS or Whatsapp messages. This way the lead gets notified without getting disturbed.
  4. Please bear in mind that the non-intrusive marketing messages should be subtle and not very “salesy” so that lead doesn’t block you.

 Some examples of non-intrusive marketing messages.

  1. Announcing any growth numbers regarding your business and company. e.g. “Chuknu has 1000 downloads”
  2. Creating marketing memes regarding the industry you are in e.g. “How de-monetization is affecting consumer behavior” 
  3. Announcing any award or recognition that your company has received

Remember you may have missed out on the sale with the lead in the past, but you definitely want him the next time! 

ads_icon-1474463662How Chuknu Can Help!

Chuknu works on a patent pending algorithm which monitors the frequency of communication between a user and its leads. Based on that it changes the color of leads varying from Blue to Red. This helps a user to identify Cold & Hot leads in the funnel & act accordingly.

Warmth of Leads

Chuknu also notifies the user when he/she should call a lead so that it can be warmed up back or even converted.

So, next time when you get a notification saying “Lead is turning COLD. Call now to close“, you better do.


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