Sometime around last week we had one of our biggest releases of Chuknu. Chuknu has been an amazing journey for us. I hope you love it as much as we loved creating it. I have been a part of this journey since the very beginning, and today I am going to reveal a few secrets behind this App 🙂

#Secret 1

Lets first start with the biggest Secret. What is the meaning of the word “Chuknu”. Although Shakespeare might disagree with me, but there is a lot in a name. Back last year when we were trying to name our app, a lot of interesting names were put forth, but none stuck in our heads as much as “Chuknu”. The story behind the name is as quirky as itself. It is a play on the word Chu-Ko-Nu, which was an ancient Chinese Archer, who could fire multiple arrows at one time using a special bow. This Archer was made more popular by the Age of Empires strategy game, which I used to play a lot earlier :). Since the app also captures multiple leads at once in one place, I suggested we name it Chuknu, and it was instantly liked. The domain, being available also helped cement the choice 🙂

#Secret 2

The next bigger secret is the Chuknu Team itself. We are a small band of warriors (fun loving) from Sokrati, who would fit in a single photograph. Shreyas, Abhishek, Sumit are the Fearless Devs, Rajat our Cheerful Marketing guy, his memes make us laugh really hard. Kunal and Neha our part-time UXies, they are responsible for all the `Fishy` stuff in the app :P.  Oomang our Enthusiastic Sales Guy. Adita, Ridhika, Tejas, Shubham, Kshitij our fireband Ads team. Our Guruvarya, Santosh, Co-Founder @Sokrati. Chuknu wouldn’t have been Chuknu without him. Me, Rohan, a Product Guy who tries to keep the bugs at bay and the features coming in. In the end, all our loving, caring, happy(/angry) app users, a big sincere thanks for all the feedback, criticism, testimonials you gave us. In 2017 we would love to make you more happy and rich with lots of sales 🙂