No, they are Gold if you have prompt response system. JustDial leads work as long as you are responding fast and are following up with the lead in a timely fashion.

Our studies shows that if you have a responsive customer management system such as Chuknu, you are able to categorize and followup with leads systematically.

If you have listed your business on JustDial, you can get a lead in either of the 2 ways.

  1. Customer inquiry— When JustDial receives an inquiry from a customer for a particular service or product, it forwards the lead to multiple subscribers, one of them is you. Also on the other hand, it forwards multiple service providers contact information to the user. In this case the customer is looking for the best from multiple options, and is more likely to be converted by the one who contacts first.
    Our study shows that 84% of the leads are contacted within 5 minutes of receiving the inquiry ’cause Chuknu sends automated responses. And this helps convert customers who are coming through inquiries big time.

  2. Direct Call — JustDial customers who are using Chuknu are able to convert 78% of the leads received via direct calling. What is a Direct Call??… Well, customer searches for the required service/product on app/website, likes your reviews & ratings, picks up the phone and calls you directly. Leads like this are always very hot and most likely to convert unless you are attentive to your phone calls.

As per the data analysts team behind Chuknu, 78% conversion rate is achieved by following up with tasks created by Chuknu. For example- When a user misses a lead form JustDial, Chuknu adds it in lead funnel and sets up a reminder that “You have missed a lead”. This prompts the subscriber to contact enquirer asap & close the deal. Further, as per the lead scoring algorithm, Chuknu also reminds if the ‘Lead is turning cold’.

That’s why I always suggest to finish off the tasks created by Chuknu on time.
If you are paying JustDial for the business listing service, make sure you get the most out of it.

Happy Selling 🙂